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We Fully Support Pet Adoption at Old Fort Chem-Dry

Are you looking at getting a new dog, cat, or any other pet? We can only hope that you will consider adopting your new furry friend. There are millions of pets looking for a forever home where they can be loved and live a happy life!  At Old Fort Chem-Dry, we fully support this. That's why we want you to be successful and know that it's right for you. Below is an infographic about adopting a pet, things you should consider, and some tips to help you!

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Remember at Old Fort Chem-Dry we are professionals at removing Pet Urine Odors and Stains. So, if you're new pet is adjusting to your home and has an accident, don't worry about it we will remove any odors or stains. When we're finished with cleaning your pet's mess up, it'll be like it never even happened. Check out our service areas HERE or read about our process HERE (this link is to the Fort Smith pet urine page, but we serve all different areas). We hope you adopt your next furry friend! Give us a call or schedule your appointment if you already have a pet or any accident that you need us to clean up! Happy Adopting! 

How to successfully rescue a pet!