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Go green this march with a green carpet cleaning. Our signature cleaning solution, The Natural® , is green certified and non-toxic. It contains no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals so you can rest easy knowing our Natural cleaning solution is safe for your kids and pets.

One of our goals here at Chem-Dry is to minimize our impact on the environment. Using our green-certified carpet cleaning solution allows us to use 80% less water than a typical steam cleaner would use. Using less water to clean your carpet keeps the environment safer and your carpets drier.

In addition to The Natural, we have several other products that meet the qualifications to be classified as Green-Certified:

green carpet cleaning with old fort chem-dry in fort smith  arkansas AR

  • Natural for Wool
  • Area Rug Cleaner
  • P.U.R.T. Liquid
  • Stain Extinguisher
  • World Famous Spot Remover
  • Pet Odor Remover
  • Dust Mite Anti-Allergen
  • Traffic Lane Pre-Spray
  • PowerGuard
  • Final Rinse
  • Wet Foam Cleaner
  • Carpet Deodorizers
  • Benefect Decon 30

A green carpet cleaning is the perfect way to celebrate this March!