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woman sneezing from allergies in carpet1. If you find you or your family members keep getting sick….then you need a carpet cleaning.

The gross truth is many bacteria and microscopic insect-like pests can thrive in your carpet. The warm environment keeps dust mites alive. They consume dead skin cells, which fall off our skin and into the carpet daily. It gets worse, the stomach flu virus, Norovirus, can live for a month or more in unclean carpet. These small creature make a big difference on your families health. They slowly make your indoor air quality worse and activate allergies. A professional carpet cleaning removes these harmful microscopic organisms. When we clean carpet and upholstery, we are able to remove an impressive 98% of bacteria and allergen. In addition, we improve indoor air quality by removing 89% of airborne bacteria in the home. If your family is suffering from allergies or frequently getting sick, then it is time to book a carpet cleaning.

2. If you are bringing home a new baby...then you need a carpet cleaning.

Pregnant Mom and Baby in Fort Smith AR

New babies are susceptible to sickness. Their fragile immune system can’t handle the harsh bacteria that we adults may have grown accustomed to. Prepare your home for your new baby by getting a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. As mentioned before, we improve indoor air quality so you and your family can breathe healthy air.

If your baby is already crawling, a carpet cleaning is equally as important for your home as it is for a newborn. Crawling babies are in close contact with the carpet. If your carpets are clean this is a non issue, but if they are not, your baby could be inches away from harmful bacteria. If you have a baby in the home, or are bringing one home soon, you need a carpet cleaning so you can rest easy knowing your child has a clean, soft place to play.

3. If you hate the way your carpet looks...then you need a carpet cleaning.

Pretty simple, you should enjoy the home you live in. If you are tired of staring at past spots or stains, why not get rid of them? Chem-Dry uses hot carbonating extraction methods to break down dirt, bacteria, and stains. We send millions of tiny effervescent bubbles deep into carpet fibers to effectively break down grime. If you are ready to have beautiful looking carpets once again, then you need a carpet cleaning.

schedule carpet cleaning with Old Fort Chem-Dry calendar4. If you can’t remember when you last got a carpet cleaning….then you definitely need a carpet cleaning.

Trying to think back to when you last had your carpets professionally cleaned? Can’t remember? It is recommended that you schedule a professional carpet cleaning every 3-6 months. This keeps your carpet looking nice and helps it last longer against use in the future. A regular carpet cleaning insures that your family stay healthier. If you can’t remember when you last got a carpet cleaning, then it is definitely time to get one today! Give us a call to schedule a carpet cleaning you not only need, but that you deserve.

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